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Whenever people want to go somewhere, do something, find information, research or buy a product, their journey will typically begin with an online search. The search bar is often the primary source of digital traffic for brands, with people conducting trillions of searches each and every year. Your online visibility is essential in order to rank higher than your competition in search results and to secure more sales.

Why SEO is An Essential Part Of The Build
Why It's An Essential Part Of The Build

When an online search is carried out, most people will click on the first few search results that they are presented with. In our modern busy lives, time is important, so scrolling through pages of results is not high on anyone's priority. It is therefore essential that sites are optimised to a high standard in order to get higher rankings from search engines such as Google.

Unlike other marketing channels, good SEO work is sustainable. When a paid campaign ends, in most cases so will the traffic. This is why SEO matters so much and has become an integral part of the development process.

We Have Got You Covered

At AMO, our highly skilled web development team actually build sites with SEO in mind. This means getting to the real core of 'Google's Quality Rater' guidelines and industry standards to improve the overall ranking of your site.

SEO is much more than just ensuring a site loads quickly and is responsive for mobile browsing, therefore, when you jump on board as an AMO customer you can rest easy knowing that our team are looking after you every step of the way.

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