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Customer testimonials are one of the most powerful trust indicators that a potential customer can use to decide on the future direction and potential partnership of the business. Persuasive testimonials from satisfied customers can sway even the most hesitant prospect, making them a potent weapon in your marketing arsenal.

At AMO, we believe in transparent communications to understand what a potential customer is looking for, even if they don't know exactly what they're looking for. It's about anticipating a customer's concerns, alleviating their fears, addressing their frustrations and helping them achieve their goals one step at a time.

When it comes to establishing and maintaining relationships with customers, whether you are a small business, or are on a level playing field with huge corporations with near-limitless marketing budgets, AMO can deliver the essential service and support that is required. Building and maintaining customer trust is one of the few commodities that is not for sale and is earned through hard work and dedication.

Don't Take Our Word For It...

Browse through some of our 100% certified testimonial reviews below and see first hand how AMO and the on-going services that we can provide can also help you.

Chemist Direct
Chemist Direct
When I first joined the business over 10 years ago, we were already using M-Tech's ERP system AMO which had specific functionality for the pharmaceutical industry. At the time we had our own team of off-shore developers to develop and maintain our website. M-Tech helped us analyse the setup we had at the time and we decided to use M-Tech to develop our website too. This resulted in a cost saving for the business, and a better website with a company and team who had experience in the industry. As our business and the pharmaceutical industry evolves, AMO continues to be our platform of choice.
Gary Dannatt
COO at Pharmacy2U & Chemist Direct
Selective Marketplace
Selective Marketplace
We have worked with M-Tech since 1995 and our business has grown and evolved considerably since then. We are a dedicated fashion business with two brands, selling in the UK, US and Europe via our catalogues, websites and retail outlets. As we have grown we have continued to use M-Tech for all our requirements - their ERP solution, AMO (which includes EPOS for our shops), development and hosting of our e-commerce websites as well as relying on them for our hardware supply, fit and on-site support. M-Tech are very responsive and working with a single supplier across our multiple IT requirements enables us to work at speed with the security and experience of an established supplier alongside us.
Hannah Dashper
Operations Director at Selective Marketplace Ltd
We implemented the AMO ERP system over 7 years ago, and we also used M-Tech to develop and host our websites - which obviously integrate seamlessly with AMO. They have helped us grow and develop during that time, recently our focus had been on integrating with many different drop ship customers - which is totally automatic. This is not only saving us time but also enabling us to on board new customers easily and quickly, whatever process they use. The team at AMO are always on hand to offer advice and troubleshoot problems.
John Singh
Director at Jolliman Essentials Ltd
Sporting Billy - Sporting Gifts
Sporting Billy / Sporting Gifts
We have been using M-Tech since 2010 for AMO, and also our 2 websites and Amazon, which integrate seamlessly with AMO. We receive excellent support from the team and meet regularly to discuss different aspects of the business and how we can make the best use of AMO's functionality (and the websites) which can include new developments.
Steve Richardson
Director at Limited
XRocker Gaming
XRocker Gaming
Being a largely B2B business, what attracted us to M-Tech and their product AMO, was their ability to be able to seamlessly integrate and support the wide variety of different systems our retail partners are using (some of which were portals that we were manually updating). We can now grow the business with confidence knowing we have a company with the capability, and a system with the capacity to add any new businesses and integrations we require.
Gary Shaw
Managing director at Ace Casual Limited (XRocker)
Lucarelli Restaurants
Lucarelli Restaurants
We decided to use M-Tech to design and develop a website for our new chain of traditional Italian restaurants, Lucarelli. They have provided functionality so we can update the website using a very friendly CMS to be able to amend anything including banners, restaurant locations, menus, gallery images, videos, reviews (all per location) as well as behind the scenes aspects such as Google friendly URLs - so we can easily update and maintain it all ourselves at any time.
Carmine Sacco
Director at the Sash Group Limited
Thai Boxing Store
Thai Boxing Store
We have used M-Tech to design, develop, maintain and host our website since 2017, moving from an out of the box platform which did not provide some of the functionality we required and had limited support and development. Using the CMS functionality, we can control any aspect of the site including products, categories, offers, reviews, orders, home page and SEO and can ask for additional development that we need. M-Tech is always professional, courteous and responsive.
Jack Bolamy
Director of Thai Boxing Store (UK) Limited
Easylife Limited
Easylife Limited
During the Pandemic in 2020 it became apparent that our systems were not able to cope. This combined with a lack of support we decided we needed a system better suited to our growth plans and future requirements of the business. Thankfully, M-Tech was able to transfer all the data (over 10 years' worth) from our old system whilst developing five websites (and web-based call centre functionality) to replace our current ones. The project culminated in a hassle-free full migration to using AMO over a single weekend. We are now able to move forward with a product and company that can provide new functionality and the service we needed to grow the business.
Rob Wise
Operations Director at Easylife Limited

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