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Nurturing Growth in the Home & Garden Industry

The total annual revenue of tools, equipment, plants and household items for home and garden in the UK increased from 3.13 billion British pounds in 2008 to almsost 5.33 billion in 2020. This shows the growth of the industry in recent years and provides an insight into the industry's performance.

The "Home & Garden" industry is likely to experience a steady increase in demand over the next few years, making it an attractive option for investors and entrepreneurs. Furthermore, it provides a benchmark for businesses to measure their own performance against, allowing them to identify areas of improvement and capitalise on opportunities for growth.

In the evergreen world of home and garden, efficiency, precision, and customer satisfaction are paramount. That's where AMO shines as the perfect companion for businesses in this ultimately flourishing industry.

Unified Platform
Unified Platform
Our integrated suite of applications, including e-commerce, provides a seamless solution tailored to the unique demands of the home and garden sector. With AMO, you can effortlessly manage sales, stock control, warehousing, purchasing, accounts, marketing, and content management - all in one unified platform.
The green-thumb of AMO lies in its adaptability. It seamlessly integrates with leading marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, offering a broader reach for your products. Plus, we're versatile enough to integrate with your existing e-commerce platforms, be it Shopify, Magento, and many others.
Lifelong Support
Lifelong Support
Our commitment to lifelong support ensures that we're with you every step of the way, helping you cultivate success and nurturing your business growth. Whether you're a budding start-up or a well-established player in the industry, AMO's tailored solutions are designed to help your business blossom.

Our Work In The Home & Garden Industry

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Customer Testimonials Within This Industry

We implemented the AMO ERP system over 7 years ago, and we also used M-Tech to develop and host our websites - which obviously integrate seamlessly with AMO. They have helped us grow and develop during that time, recently our focus had been on integrating with many different drop ship customers - which is totally automatic. This is not only saving us time but also enabling us to on board new customers easily and quickly, whatever process they use. The team at AMO are always on hand to offer advice and troubleshoot problems.
John Singh
Director at Jolliman Essentials Ltd
Easylife Limited
During the Pandemic in 2020 it became apparent that our systems were not able to cope. This combined with a lack of support we decided we needed a system better suited to our growth plans and future requirements of the business. Thankfully, M-Tech was able to transfer all the data (over 10 years' worth) from our old system whilst developing five websites (and web-based call centre functionality) to replace our current ones. The project culminated in a hassle-free full migration to using AMO over a single weekend. We are now able to move forward with a product and company that can provide new functionality and the service we needed to grow the business.
Rob Wise
Operations Director at Easylife Limited

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