Advanced Mail Order

All The Modules To Run a Business From End To End.

Customer Relationship Management
Multi Channel
Electronic Point Of Sale
Content Management System
AMO has functions to deal with every aspect of your business including reports and dashboards to monitor your business in real time.

How do we compare to other solutions?

AMO is feature rich and very scalable, that combined with a truly unique on-going development service means that it is difficult to compare us with other solutions. Your business will not be constrained in any way, both now and in the future, our model is to go where you go, as your partner.

AMO can support any number of companies (as it�s multi-company), orders (from multiple channels naturally), web sites (including white labels), products, customers, warehouses, offers, price lists. You can have any number of anything.
Any number of orders, despatches, returns, from a few orders a day to thousands a day from multiple channels, bring on Black Friday, we don't have volume or performance issues.
Channels such as Amazon and eBay are standard, others include Shopify, Channel Advisor, Magento, Woo Commerce & more, Payment Gateways (VeriFone, WorldPay, SagePay, PayPal, Amazon Pay & more), Couriers (too many to mention), 3rd party software & services. We have integrated with every one that any of our clients have ever required.
You host, or we host, or 3rd party hosts, we can purchase and support some, all or none of your hardware. We have our own Microsoft Certified IT Support team so we can manage your hardware if that is required. Our platform can cope with any configuration or combination.
  • A safe & secure PCI Level 1 environment
  • Responsive for any mobile or tablet device
  • Any product information, multiple pictures, 360 degree pictures, videos
  • Repeat order/continuity order functionality if required
  • However much or little website control you require through custom CMS functions
  • Any delivery options including Click & Collect
  • Any payment system or gateways including PayPal
  • Any offer or discount code mechanism that you desire
  • My account for the customers to view and update their information
  • Reviews (your own or a third party)
  • Special search functionality & algorithms
Whatever your business needs. From the mundane - additional courier, payment gateway or new 3rd party drop ship requirement. To the more complex being able to authorise PO�s with some document management function, being able to cope with Multi-Level Marketing businesses, coping with US Tax rules, or functionality for producers to monitor sales of your TV Shopping Channel, literally anything. There are no limits, we go where you go.


Whilst we are obviously eminently capable, and can do the extra-ordinary, we can do the ordinary very well too! Combined this means that we are able to cope with any current requirements you have and can cater for any future demand or direction that your business takes you - for the life of your business.
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